Donate Materials

We ask local businesses to consider whether any of their waste materials could be repurposed for art, education or play by creative minds. We also accept donations of art materials, wool, or fabrics from anyone generous enough to give to us.

Fabric     Foam     

benefits to businesses

We will collect suitable materials FREE OF CHARGE from locations across Dorset, saving businesses disposal costs. Donating to Scrapstore will support your businesses’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, as well as giving you a priceless warm & fuzzy feeling inside when you see all the wonderful things our customers do with your materials!

“One mans bi-product can potentially be another mans raw material, donating to Dorset Scrapstore means less going into our landfill bin, which is good for the environment, and cost e££ective.”
C Bastian, Studio Manager at Brydian Cards

We are legally compliant and have a Waste Carrier’s Licence All Scrapstores have a ‘low-risk waste position’ (Environment Agency Guidance on Low Risk Waste Activities (September 2012 version 58)) meaning that we are not required to have a waste management licence.

benefits to the community

Reducing waste that goes to landfill benefits not only the environment but our whole community. Our store is open to all, but Scrapstore materials are frequently used by community groups and teachers who, as we all know, are on a budget – particularly when it comes to sourcing materials for arts and crafts projects.

Our events use the materials we collect to bring the community together – we teach basic crafting through our family workshops, and unleash creativity free for all’s at our Bonkers events.

     Yellow and black plastic     Cardboard shredding

types of materials

Our main criteria is that materials are clean, safe and suitable for repurposing…..the more unusual and exotic the better!

If in doubt, please give us a call to discuss or arrange a collection.